The name Sticky Vicky is synonymous with Benidorm, a trip to Europe’s biggest holiday resort without seeing her act would be like buying fish without chips, or turning on the TV to see Ant without Dec!


Born in the Canary Islands in 1943, Victoria Aragues Garcia, has been a dancer all her life, and in her early days, worked as a dancer in theatres the length and breadth of Spain.

Life was tough in those early days; Spain was under the iron rule of General Franco which meant that even the glimpse of a naked kneecap could be frowned upon!                                                  

With Franco’s death though, Spain went mad with the sudden freedom and you needed to be doing something really different to get noticed.

Vicky was told the place to get ahead was Benidorm and upped sticks from Barcelona where she was living at the time.

She realised on arrival in the town in the early 80’s that she needed an act that was totally original; a sexy magic show was certainly that! It took much practice, and indeed a couple of nasty accidents (you know where!) before she was happy with everything.  

Her notoriety spread rapidly, and now almost 30 years later, she can still convert an empty venue to “standing room only”, in a matter of moments.

Their fame is not just limited to Spain though; Vicky and Demaria her daughter, recently attracted a huge amount of media attention in the UK, to coincide with the recent TV series “Benidorm”.

Indeed the act now starts with an acrobatic routine, starring the charming Demaria, whose agility poise and balance is nothing short of spectacular. Entirely self taught, she captivates the audience.

However, behind the facade of the most infamous act in Benidorm we actually find two lovely ladies, who love nothing more than relaxing at the house they share, they enjoy looking after the garden, and also the multitude of pets they have!

Vicky is not keen on holidays, not wanting to leave the animals, and spends a good part of the day swimming, which she says helps keep her in shape. I asked both of them what they would change about their lives if they could. The answer came in unison. “Nothing! We have a fantastic life, with wonderful family and friends, what more could anyone want?”

Sticky Vicky the Legend!

You can watch the famous ‘Sticky Vicky’ show at You can watch the famous ‘Sticky Vicky’ show  every night at The Red Lion at 10.30pm. Rose & Crown at 11pm. Idols at 11.45pm. Zodiac The Show at 12.15am. Lennon’s 12.45am and Rockerfellas at 1.15am.




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